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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Work in Progress: Jules on Bonnaroo

Apparently I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing. The idea is to post as events happen, or at least in a timely fashion. It's been two weeks since that 80,000-strong music festival in the backwoods o' Tennessee, and I haven't found time to get my thoughts together. Here are some initial, random impressions before the longer tale:

Crocs must be giving out dime bags each time they make a sale. There's no other way to explain their ubiquity at Bonnaroo. Hippies aren't known for their stylish footwear (Birkenstocks, anyone?), but plastic clogs with holes in colors like neon green and lavender make Birks look like Jimmy Choo's. And to all my friends (and a future father-in-law) who own these inexplicably trendy shoes, um, ignore what I just said.

Matisyahu performed on Sunday (no Shabbat shows, of course) and one of the odder moments of his otherwise rousing set was when he grabbed his baby and carried him out on stage. The boy's ears were covered by large, blue headphones, and he blinked out at the crowd, frightened. His daddy said, "This is why we were put on this earth -- to have babies!" The half-naked, packed and sweaty masses cheered back at him.


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